Stand on/Grab on to moving vehicles?

This is my first forum post, so it’s probably going to suck.
You most likely noticed that in Unturned 3.0, if you try to stand on a vehicle, as soon as it starts moving you’ll stay completely still while the car passes straight through you.
Unturned 4.0 will bring improvements to vehicle physics, so this is my suggestion.
You shouldn’t pass through vehicles while they move.
That isn’t how real life works, and I’m fairly certain we aren’t ghosts (conspiracy?). Adding better collisions between entities and vehicles would also allow for some pretty cool stuff.

  • Train Heist?
  • Steal a vehicle while it’s in motion?

How this would work: Let’s say you and your team are out on a supply run. While driving, you spot someone in a military vehicle of some sort. You want it. Your team pulls up closer to the vehicle, while you and another team member get ready to jump out on to the other car. You jump on, (while in range, press f?) climb inside, and shoot the driver. Voila! you have yourself a new vehicle.

Example #2: A moving fortress, enough said.

So there, that’s my suggestion. A new way to steal stuff. Cool


Well, standing on vehicles is something that you could do prior to authoritative physics in 3.0 IIRC, but grabbing onto moving vehicles is a very interesting concept. If executed correctly, this is something I’d want to see.

Also, your formatting actually isn’t bad for a first post, certainly better than a lot of people.


Indeed this would be very interesting to see in unturned and good job on this topic idea

Just fixing to rubberband on vehicles would be a god send. That and smoother turning, as it stands in 3.0 it feels more like the car is being jerked to the side.

It will be fixed for sure, considering that is caused by authoritative physics which is exclusive to 3.0 and frankly, with the addition of Battleye, isn’t even necessary in the game anymore.

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Yes your formatting is certainly better than some.including me :joy: I would love to be able to grab on to vehicles.grewt idea!

Wouldn’t that tie into a somewhat parkourish element? If so that’ll be a neat thing see

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