Stasven (formerly Project Omega) teaser #2


Dropped the whole ‘depressing foggy desaturated blue hellscape’ look for something more otherworldly, and stuck a watermark on it because apparently that’s what the cool kids are doing these days.


i liked that it was very atmosphereic :rage:

owo #1

owo #2

owo #3

Wow, Falken, great moves, keep it up, proud of you


I’d like to see a distinction between the heavily populated and the isolated areas of the map.

One would be characterized by thick fog like it was before, the other having tolerable visibility.

This, I believe, would not only maintain the atmosphere of the previous style, but allow for additional distinctions.


I mistook this for a screenshot of another game.
Great :slight_smile:


This is incredibly well made in terms of visuals, but I’m curious to see if and how you’ll try changing how the game is played (probably will be hard)


Honestly I’ll like to give you a moment and tell you it looks amazing.

Great visual works.


This is out of this world. cant wait for an actual release


Is this a survival map or an Arena?


Most definitely survival. It’s meant to be a total conversion mod. Bit harder to do that with arena.

It used to be arena though, and was called Subversion.


Why in god’s name would someone put that much effort into an arena map?


Do you think there will be Zombeis in it too? It looks pretty Sci fi than apocalyptic.


the game is literally called unturned, of course its going to have zombies (maybe idk what Falken has planned but it’s safe to assume)


I don’t really expect ‘zombies’ per say, considering it’s Falken he might give the zombies some clothing that’ll make them look like something else.