Stasven Teaser #12 - 18 Heavily Armed Security Goons In The Private Rooms At Stavex Underground

So to get this out the way before we start: this is yet another real short teaser post with not much new and cool in it

Two things I want to talk about on that front:

Thing 1: Animal Crossing New Horizons is consuming my life

Thing 2: We’ve entered the phase where there’s not really much new to show off, instead most of the content now is refining what we’ve got and filling in the gaps

Architectural styles are defined, design docs made, etc

Sadly that means ‘new’ content will be largely few and far between over the next couple teasers, but hey, we’re making progress still

Anyway, bad news out the way, let’s talk cool stuff:

For what might be the first time in Unturned history, you now have your own place to call home that isn’t a base out in the middle of the woods



Doing a short quest for a gentleman named Hadiq Velor will net you the access key for Private Room #3, located just inside the Stavex Underground safezone

As you complete major quests for the locals, little figurines and artifacts will start appearing on the shelves - with mythical weapon quests putting a replica version on a cool wall mount

Interacting with them will let you read quest-related lore or let you rebuy lost mythical items at a decently hefty cost (once that function gets added, issue #1461 on the 3.0 Github)

Unfortunately due to game limitations you can’t store things in it or change your spawn point, and if you’re playing multiplayer you might have to share the bed and beanbag chair with at most 24 other people at any given time

However nobody can hurt you or your clientside figurine collections so there’s no real need to worry too much about 18 heavily armed security goons manifesting themselves in your private room

Speaking of mythical items

It’s time to get the dramatic voice out

Thousands of miles below the surface of Stasven, an intrepid core-diver has made a terrifying discovery.

Enter the Temple and solve a mystery millennia in the making in LAZARUS, one of the first mythical quests now in early development for Stasven.

It’s gonna be real dark and real spooky, but you get a rad gun out of it

Speaking of early development

Some of you might’ve seen this bad boy - the Valence Type-C four door sedan (light gray) - in a car model thread earlier this month, where it was promptly met with ‘this looks fat and ugly’ comments

Unfortunately for those commenters, I don’t care

It’s my cheese wedge car and I will protect it and tell my friends and neighbors about it

The interior’s pretty rad, it’s got holograms and the car’s onboard AI calls you handsome

Plus, there’s a hidden synthwave button somewhere so you can hit it and pretend you’re Ryan Gosling in Drive

Speaking of Ryan Gosling in Drive

That’s all we’ve got for now, 'bout to go drive off into the sunset in my chromed up cheese grater on wheels

Hope y’all are staying safe and not dying horribly to coronavirus - respect your state/country lockdown orders or whatever, only go out if you absolutely need to, wear your masks, etc etc

If any of y’all also play Animal Crossing New Horizons I’m gonna put a reply down whenever my clothes shop opens back up with a bunch of AC clothes that are replicas of civilian shirts from Stasven

Feel free to rep your favorite fictional techwear brand if you’re interested


speaking of animal crossing, what kind of fish inhabit the planet?



It’s not handsome. It’s Jack. Handsome Jack.

it is that time, friends
here’s a couple I’ve made so far

Valter-Burond track jacket
(ACNH version has a hood)



Classika flannel jacket
(plaid is hard to do)



Advent ‘Null’ tanktop
(mod version has LED lights in it and can save you from a 9mm shot to the chest)



Antas ‘Black Cuff’ sweater
(I forgot the tag DAMMIT)



Porta tech jacket
(mod version has a crop top underneath and has rolled up sleeves)



Leopardt denim/knit/something sweater
(really hate how ACNH just slaps the sweater normal maps on it)




I really like how these clothes aren’t just


they each have some recognizable traits. great job.

Yeah I’m treating the clothing companies much like gun and vehicle manufacturers; they’ve gotta be unique and recognizable from a mile away

There’s some shared design elements like collars and buttons/snapper things but for the most part each company has a very different design philosophy

It makes the world feel more alive compared to the soullessness of vanilla/curated maps where everything feels like it’s been scrubbed of identity



Okay elon musk. Just don’t complain when XÆA-12 installs a virus on your self driving car and suddenly you can’t get out. Don’t say i didn’t warn you.

the boys at 9am necroing my post like


Ah yes the infamous eye that glows more than the other at a certain distance

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btw while this is still relevant, i posted a bunch of concept art to my twitter
i’ll repost it all here so you don’t have to click any more links



poncho villa:


(fun fact: this .xcf has layers that show what’s under his mask - sadly for y’all that’s classified info)


npcs that aren’t poncho villa:





(fun fact, ^^^ is the oldest stasven concept art i could find)


project icarus:


:+1: Cool ideas :+1:

Would it be possible to have ammo vending machines?

not impossible, but it won’t work in-universe - no sane civilian or corporate group would just have ammo vending machines lying around for the laughs

if it’s any consolation, you’ll be able to fabricate weapons and ammo at fabricators (aka reskinned NPCs) around the map

edit: working on the fabricator models, here’s some concept art of one:


Even better.

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