Stasven Teaser #4


It’s a Christmas miracle, courtesy of our friends in the Profit Ritual Teams at our sister facility, MONOCORP Blackstar! Thanks to the CU boons granted by Those from Beyond, we now have the resources to successfully schedule a period of workforce downtime here at the Varian facility. For Research Division and Accounting/Office Division personnel, your downtime dates are 12/20 -> 1/5, and Security Division personnel are scheduled for 12/23 -> 12/30 downtime. Please note that any unexpected events may change these dates, so be sure to check communications channels for updates during your downtime period.

Once again, we’d like to extend our thanks to Blackstar facility’s PRTs* for granting us this opportunity, and we’d also like to take the time to thank you for working so hard to maintain Monochrome.

-MONOCORP Varian Facility Upper Management

*The Monochrome Corporation is not responsible for physical injuries or psychological damage incurred by unprotected proximity to Profit Rituals in progress. Please extend thanks to PRT members responsibly.

Working on slowly-but-surely porting Stasven assets over to Unity 2017 in anticipation for the engine update sometime next month. It’s more painful than it looks, but it’s definitely worth it.

Feel free to follow (or continue to follow) our work at


Woah. This is just amazing. Absolutely superb work, my dude. Keep it up.

jesus christ i can’t tell if were in the same game

No offence, but the 2nd and 4th image look like effects from roblox
Idk even know where we are at the 3rd image (space or the void. hell i’d be happy if its death)
and the 1st image looks phenomenal

if you want to flex your unity skills why don’t you just make a game already sir

no seriously what the fuck this is too good for unturned, in fact, this isn’t unturned!

tl;dr everything is epic

bruh, at this point you shoulda just made a new game XD

Workshop maps

Why do the screenshots remind me of subnautica

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Useless posts

That aside, project still looks fantastic, keep up the good work!

Jesus christ this is amazing!
(I like the glowing trees in the 2nd image :stuck_out_tongue: )

Wtf is the third picture?

Do the glipglops have palm trees? I think not, case closed.

Imagine having berries along with this map.

Great work so far!

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Trip 2.0
-10 character limit-

i’m wet :Dㅤ
this is epic

Holy shit bro, this is awesome

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