Stasven Teaser #8.75 - Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle

!! Christmas Time !!
Oh, Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve! Oh, Jesus Christ’s blessings on this house!

What am I gonna get?

  • Cookies? Toys? Treats? Candy??
  • A new crucifix for my bedroom? Hair gel?
  • New lollipop to fuel my crippling sugar addiction?
  • Home Alone style acid traps? Trains?
  • Maybe a fully automatic Vector submachine gun with included suppressor?
    (That rat thief Candy Jack needs some hot silver right to his fat little meaty dome, filthy RASCAL took ALL my precious sweets and treats and eats!)

Oh! Didn’t see you there!

Being in the spirit of the holidays is a very tiring experience, especially if you’re a sad lonely modding meathead like me.
Who said sad sacks of fat like myself can’t celebrate the holiday season in style with Stasven!

But before I forget, I’ve got some gifts for you too!

Announcing ALARIA, Stasven’s demo map:

A dark and depressing hellscape owned and operated by the Ottomax megacorporation.

Hundreds of years of unchecked industry has turned this once vibrant world into a dry cracked wasteland, covered with Ottomax factories and the occasional Alarian slave labor camp… or six.

Despite the ungodly amounts of corporate ethics code violations and the impending Tavron-Ottomax corporate war, Alaria happens to be the perfect place for a little target practice; barely any wind, lots of empty space, and nobody around to tell you to stop.

It was originally going to release tomorrow (the 25th) but Holiday Hilarity has delayed it to around New Year’s, most likely early January at best.

Lastly, here’s my other gift!

A vastly improved version of that one cheap Stasven wallpaper I made a while back for teaser #8:

It has just as much bloom and unnecessary post-processing effects as the real thing!

So that about wraps up my 2019, a year full of thrills, skills, and plenty of spills.

I do have one last thing to talk about, though:

It’s Stasven’s 2nd birthday!

Let’s take a look at how far we’ve come since I started this disaster 2 years ago:

Earlier this month (Dec. 9th '19) - safezone development, vehicle progress, near-final guns

Two months ago (Oct. 27th '19) - finalized landmarks, 65% finished locations, early NPCs

Eight months ago (Apr. 20th '19) - first Temple areas made, model update progress, VFX improvements

About a year ago (Nov. 17th '18) - finalized lighting + layout, early locations, early zombies, Stasven name

About a year and a half ago (Aug. 12th '18) - early buildings, boulders, early fog aesthetic, Drmz joins

Almost 2 years ago (Jan. 15th '18) - early terrain + layout, switched to sci-fi aesthetic, Omega codename

Just about 2 years ago (Jan. 6th '18) - very early aesthetic tests, very early gear, Subversion name

2 whole years ago (around 3:30 PM, Dec. 24th '17) - first released image to the Modject


Bit more than 2 years ago (12:10 AM, Dec. 24th '17) - very early prototype

More than 2 years ago (Dec. 23rd '17) - development starts


I’m a proud dad.

Have a nice Christmas, love your family and friends, cherish your memories and all that.

Don’t die on us before next year though, we still need your business.


Love this shit, keep it up :terry_classic:

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haha yes
very nice

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you managed to create death stranding way before its release, good job

(tbh i would love to see that same spooky tether-like stuff somewhere on the actual current map)

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