Stasven Teaser #8

It’s Stasven Teaser Number Eight! Wow! Great Job! Gnarly! Wicked Sick!

A bit less stuff to show off than usual, largely due to the fact that we’re taking a bit of a break to both deal with IRL stuff and to keep burnout from happening and ruining things.

To make up for said lack of content, we do have some Extra Goodies! that’ll be at least semi-interesting to some of you:

The Super Official Stasven Wallpaper That Doesn’t Accurately Represent The Actual Mod!

The Same Thing But It’s A Poorly Made Dark Theme Version!

In Which FalkenJr Regrets Listening To The Community! Very Cool!

I have a little side project in the works. I’ll let you guess what it is.

Here’s a hint: you don’t want to know how much I don’t want to go back to working on it. As if 3 years wasn’t enough already.

Oh well.
Just don’t complain if this one never leaves the prototype stage.


thanks for the reminder that this exists

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eyy thats pretty cool

Every teaser you release is better every time. Can’t wait for this to be finished.


What’s Icarus? Some kind of flying city type deal, like Columbia in Bioshock Infinite?

so nobody’s gonna mention how there’s a GIANT AWESOME SUPERMASSIVE BLACKHOLE?

But then again there is a lot of questions surrounding as to why the planet orbits a blackhole and a sun at the same time. this could literally vaporize the map in an instant

Verly nice lookin’ map

is this like red faction


It’s nice to hear that this is till being worked on since I don’t hear much about it that often. Loving what the map is shaping into. As well as all those sick items.

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Corpus Merchant Cult-Guild when?

The Emperor protects.

eta on how many years are left until its done :upside_down_face:

another codename, much like how Omega was Stasven’s codename before it got the Stasven name

as for the map itself, you’ll hear more about it at a later date

it’s not that giant - you can fly a dropship into it real easy - but it’s still awesome and cool to look at

sadly Stasven doesn’t orbit it, but I did do some proofs of concept of that a while back while working on the effect for it:

this was the original effect but it was far too big and shiny to go on the Obelisk, but I’m figuring out a potential alternate use for it

stop you’re making me want to dig up my broken-ass xbox 360 and play it again

the whole industrial aesthetic is based on the Corpus, specifically Fortuna stuff
it’s so bulky and angular and easy to work with and I love it so much

asking about it adds another year to it


Looking neat and beautiful as usual, keep it up.

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that looks so sci-fi

make it into a teleporter that teleports you from one location to another

Does that mean that there are gonna be full on references?

I just really want a Dera in Unturned

would be real difficult to do, but the results would be epic
we do have teleporter related shenanigans planned, so it might be worth taking a look at once we get there

the industrial melees are mostly directly based on Warframe melees
for example, the industrial pickaxe is basically a bootleg Kreska

speaking of Warframe references, the whole Oligarch aesthetic (see 1st image in the main post) is a love letter to the Orokin aesthetic

well, as much of a love letter as you can get without having giant flesh towers


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