Statement on Hate and Bigotry

Smartly Dressed Games deplores hatred, bigotry, and discrimination. Such hateful conduct has no place in the Unturned community.

In addition to moderating hateful comments more harshly, we have started improving the systems in place to make it easier to catch and flag (or in some cases – even prevent) these posts. For example, improving the effectiveness of automatic moderation tools, and the word block-lists. This is especially important when moderators may be unavailable to immediately review a report. For our official forums, we go into more detail about some things we’re looking at here: Should the Pronouns field be updated?.

Similarly, moderators are not above the rules either. It is important for moderators to be aware of – and educated on – problematic content. So that they can effectively moderate it, and so that they (and any future moderators) can reflect our community values.

Our current policies – for both the forum, and the Discord – prohibit hateful conduct. However, we’re planning to make a couple adjustments to these policies to make them more explicit. Our written policies are important – they enable concerned users to report content for specific violations, let all users know what kind of community we are, and make it easier for moderators to enforce policies accordingly.

We have moderated/banned certain community servers in the past for grossly inappropriate conduct and usage, and will continue to do so. Players can continue to report servers with inappropriate server details. However: moderating the specific contents of linked communities is currently untenable.

Going forward, if you see inappropriate behavior you feel is being insufficiently moderated please feel free to contact us and we will review why and how it could be improved.


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