Stavsen Teaser #11 - Back to Basics

Thanks to the extremely valuable community input we received from the Alaria demo map:


…we’ve decided that maybe the amount of content in Starsven may be a bit too much for the Unturned community to handle!

To counteract that, we’ve decided to go back to basics and make a cool and unique mod that everybody in the community can enjoy!!

With even less new content than Carpat and Ural Mountains combined, here’s Statsven as of today!

Thanks to input from community members on the performance of the mod, we’ve removed a lot of unnecessary content, such as:

  • Trees (too big, means too many FPS needed to make them)
  • Buildings (so many buildings, DISGUSTING where’s my p l a i n s)
  • Zombies (enemy AI? oh deary me that costs too much money!!)
  • Item spawns (ew why are there so few?? why can’t we not have any???)
  • Stars (too many solar systems to render, NASTY)
  • Replayability (can’t lose any more FPS if you can’t play [taps head] )
  • Two whole Unity versions (now everybody can play regardless of hardware!!)

Hopefully with these tweaks Stasvan can become a much more enjoyable gameplay and storytelling experience for all Unturned players regardless of origin and computer specs to enjoy!!

Rock on,
-Carl’s Jr

obligatory clickbait

and now the non april fools content

so Alaria basically got universally positive response from everybody who played (except the guy who thought we had too many guns,) seriously thanks for that
warms our dead hearts, especially in these sad disease ridden times
btw hope yall are staying safe, follow your stay at home orders and only go out if you have to, practice proper hygiene, etc

all the images in the post are from the first proper version of Stasven, from January/February 2018, so they’re a neat bit of history I guess

and now some pics from the real Statistics Van

and some neat extra pics from my Twitter

the evolution of the Tavron Masden-15 pistol, from 2017 (right) to 2020 (left)

some NPCs, from left to right:
Restorer Danyl Solas, the Merchant, Konstantin Stavel, and Major Set Kozan

hope yall have a fun april fools day, dont get yourself hurt or whatever

later skaters


This update makes Stansvan officially the best Unturned map ever made.


Aw man the map has been delayed by another 2 years :pensive:



I mean – how many guns would he consider “correct” anyways? I mean – the vanilla game has quite a few guns (even excluding curated weapons), and you can technically get most of the weapons on every map (through normal spawns, quests, airdrops, and horde beacons).

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the base game has 61 guns, with 4 of those unable to be obtained without commands (cobra_jam, hmg, hmg_fighter_jet, and tank_cannon)

stasven is predicted to have upwards of 90+ guns - 68 finalized so far, 80 in the mod right now - with 90% of those obtainable legitimately through vendors, crafting, quests, spawns, etc
this doesn’t count vehicle weapons, which might bring the total up to 100+ guns depending on how many armed vehicles we make

the guy probably assumed was that stasven will have vanilla items too (which it won’t, no vanilla items is a core goal of the project) so that’s probably what set him off


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