Stay clean, disguise yourself and zombies drawn by blood

Ok, yesterday I saw a post talking about this the author is called Azzaholic and the post is this.

The ideas are good, but the applications made the game more annoying, having this in mind I made this post somewhat improving the ideas of the original post.

Keeping yourself clean:In the spawn we are clean and with time due to the fight with zombies, the trails of dirty, swim, our clothes get dirty, getting dirty does not affect in anything however when we are clean we receive a bonus of 15% in the speed of regeneration of vitality and immunity,You can do this in the sea, in the rivers or in showers in houses.

Disguise the smell:Wild animals and zombies can detect us through the smell, when we kill an animal or zombie when we get close to the corpse we have the option “Disguise smell”, this makes the character get dirty with the entrails of the cadavéres, when we get dirty with the bowels of the zombies we lose a 10% speed of regeneration of immunity, but we can go through the zombies without problems, the effect comes out instantly if it is raining or if you or jump in the water.

Zombies can be drawn by blood: you can spread the blood of some animal or some player on the ground, in time zombies will start to go to the trail, in hard difficult way when we bleed the distance that a zombie can perceive us increases…

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Is that a poem or something


Sorry I like his better than this

Wanna know why I object to this idea?

It’s stereotypical of zombies, and it’s rather tiresome and such a gojfc (get out of jail free card)

Imagine this, some noob fires off a flare, and attracts every zombie for miles. But thanks to one zombie in the building, he gets to wall out of that horde free of charge. Hell, he could direct it at someone’s base for some free loot.

No thanks

Maybe the blood could make it so that the zombies cant smell you but if they are looking at you they will chase you and i think Unturned II will have roaming zombies so this will make it not so op

Ok, but what’s this about a wall zombie. I don’t get it

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