Stock and Organization (A opinion to open a discut)

Using 3.0 like example stocks small stocks in unturned are maked by rooms 2x2 full of crates maybe organized maybe not!

This cause lag to potato computers (like my old computer). Cause acidental griefing when other clan raid you and is irritant because you need destroy a tree, make pallets of wood and make crates to stock in a simple area 7x5 and organize manualy the same. This is ridiculous.

my opinion is ignore the actual size of objects, but consider the amount of same. for example a chest go fit.

20 objects or 250 Kg of objects or the 2 at same time why not?! And its logic this go change from crate by crate.
My idea is just facility the organization and reduce the quanty of crates in just one base. The amount in 3.0 is absurd!

Would be best if you could explain your idea in portuguese, at least it’s more clear

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._. What.
I have no fucking clue what’s being suggested here.

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I think he’s suggesting stackable objects and a differennt inventory system, more like the one using in Minecraft.


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