Stopped working on my maps

i enjoyed working on my maps for a long while, but once i get bored of them they sort of just sit there, and some of the feedback i have got just makes me feel like giving up. but i do think the map shouldn’t be wasted so i will be happy to email the folder to someone. here is the screenshot/ map.

Btw the map was called momentumsalvia
which is Latin for forest hills or something. the big city was to be called momentum.
down south two the left is a big military base.

Most of the map is done, it just needs spawns added to it.

I can understand where some of the harsh criticism came from here, honestly it’s better to accept something as flawed than quit because you weren’t prepared to hear that it was bad. I understand that you want to give up but honestly you could spend maybe a month applying the advice you were given and you might have a pretty decent map. Assuming you don’t have any compound, the only major flaws I can find would the layout and the name, which in my opinion is a bit too extreme.


Doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with the map to be honest.
What you need to do is realise the work you’ve put in, and not let it all go to waste.
Since you said you only have spawns to do, it means you must be close to finishing the map, try reflect off of the criticism (Accepting criticism and working on it is one of the best things anyone can do, not just in unturned but in many situations in real life).

I actually like the idea of using latin names for a map, I do that with all sorts of stuff too.

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