Storing food in items


For example, you’ve been out hunting. In Unturned 3.0 you would just store the bloody beef in your warm backpack or your pants. If we see a system in Unturned 2 where food spoils if it’s not stored properly, adding something like plastic bags for you to store the food in your inventory could be something to consider, since food would be better kept in some sort of bag or container while you’re on the move rather than just laying in your backpack, maybe a portable cooling box.


And radioactive stuff in lead containers or something, I like it.


As long as it’s not complicated than the printer paradox. Sure.


just like many things in this forum, i dont see it fitting unturned, its abit… complicated. Maybe a burn affect if u leave things cooking to much?


This is quite frequently suggested, but for good reason.

I still agree that food needs proper storage, but actually, the best storage shouldn’t be on a person, it should be the kind you place down.

Fridges require power but food would never spoil in them. Other containers like lockers and crates can somewhat slow down spoilage. Speacially designed containers or sealed unopened containers are ideal for carrying.


my backpack is still gonna be full of blueberries, proper storage update or not.


(And root cellars)


Never spoil? Gotta get me one of those fridges! /s


I feel like the food should still spoil even when in a fridge but very slowly, maby if you could can your food to make it stay good and not spoli


Or smoke it.
Or salt it.
Or ferment it.
Or jug it (in the case of meat).
Or sugar it.