Storyline and dialogue

A lot of you are probably going to bash me for this, but I believe there should be a better storyline to give the game more of an immersive feel. I believe there should be kinda long-ish dialogue from npc’s, and more of a dramatic feel, with long questlines packed with dialogue.


It is ok but I dont want itto be a big part of the game

how do you mean

what can be more dramatic than Space pirates spreading a virus whit a magic rock?

Actually, this has been discussed quite a lot, and I agree with it. Personally I would like to do missions to find out more of the story. Like maybe a mission to explore an abandoned lab and only the people who have the mission can access it.

That sounds kinda forced, I would rather have an open world style lore-based story than a closed campaign.

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Cut scenes will be amazing!

Forced cut scenes would be incredibly bad for multiplayer.

Imagine being stuck in some cutscene and awkwardly having another player running around doing stuff in the background, or heck, even engaging in PvP while you are unable to control your character.

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Only in single then

I agree with this, but maybe not have it such a small part of the game. If lore could be incorporated more into the game it would make for a very interesting game.

There’s already going to be a mode where you can play as the zombie outbreak is starting, and I’m sure that will allow for a ton of lore opportunities.

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woah, sounds fun. hopefully it’s just text-based dialog, rather than cringey voice acting

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It’d be nice to somehow have community made stuff like that, too

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