Strafing and bullet velocity

Through my hours of pvp, I’ve noticed that bullets inherit the players velocity, or at least a portion of their velocity, when fired from a gun.

I ran a small scale test with idealized* conditions to see if it actually happens, and the results confirmed that this is a real thing that occurs ingame.
Here is proof that this does happen

*idealized means that the attachments being used removed all recoil, scope sway, and spread from the gun. the laser was there to show that the bullets should not hit the wall if the laser does not hit the wall.
on another note, small scale testing has not shown the same results for jumping.

Now to my opinion about this mechanic.
I personally do not think that this should be in the game. The learning curve in ballistics enabled pvp environments is already fairly steep, such as learning how much a bullet will fall given the gun and scope combination. And with how prevalent strafing is within combat, it can make the game frustrating for newer players and more experienced players who either don’t know about it, or don’t know how to compensate for it.
Although it does make the skill ceiling higher, it does so in an artificial way via making someone either memorize how their strafing affects the bullets, or by forcing someone to compensate for it dynamically depending on how they’re strafing.

I’d love to hear what other people think about this!
(or if I worded something poorly too lol)
(on a side note I can’t figure out how to use tags on this site send help)


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