Straight facts 😀


we only get the toppest tierest memes here at a untrunted forums :triumph:



We all know that the best weapon is the sportshot.

He did, as a matter of fact. He didn’t know there was splash damage on that gun, you see.

Deep down, we all know that it’s the truth.

Epstein didn’t kill himself.

im 14 and this is deep

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fun fact: Your lips will only touch when you say 1 million

also Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself

This is pure 24 carat gold.

aug is pog

He isn’t real stupid

who the fuck is jeffery epstein

epstein didn’t kill himself, nothing happened in tiannenmen square, and the name of the us whistleblower is eric ciaramella

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oMg Is ThAt ThE wHiTe PoWeR sYmBoL?

An old Infamous myth
Said to have ridden into war with a white van
The sole Owner of Pedo Island
And commander of the teen porno army

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yellow power

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Zubek is best heueheueh

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