Strange Game Breaking! Red Bar and Server Disconnect! Please Help!

So everytime I connect to any server on unturned I get a red bar and then a 25 second server disconnect, however my game is still fully active and I can still interact with the game world for 25 seconds I can even interact with players and talk but after the timer hits 0 I get instantly disconected, I’ve tried verifying game files, manually deleting and even using steam to delete the files, however nothing seems to work, am I missing something? I feel it could have something to do with my new internet that was installed just last week, however I can play every other game perfectly fine? Any help you could give me would be really appreciated.

Someone like @MoltonMontro would be better suited to this

Cheers Bro!

Is this for multiple games or just Unturned?

Just unturned molt

Type steam://flushconfig in your web browser’s URL and “Ok” through everything. Log back into Steam, and try playing Unturned then.

If you have multiple installation folders for games doing this process will remove them. You will need to add the folders again in Steam so that your games will appear as installed.

Making sure your network is optimized for Steam may also help: You could also try opening more ports.

Trying all of this now!! Thank you so much bro!! How would I go about opening more ports dude! I’m bad at this stuff XD!!

Rather than me detail it, I’ll just recommend these instead (assuming your issue isn’t resolved by the previous things first.)

Opening ports in your firewall:

Opening ports on your router (port forwarding):