[Strawpoll] Does the Unturned Gold Upgrade give an unfair advantage?

Just give everyone 5 characters so no one gets mad

Please for the love of finding a rocket launcher in the police station, stop this nonsense!
This has been going on for far too long and no it’s not an unfair advantage as you still have limited amounts of space with more time and vulnerablility to get the simplest of items from the other characters.
Having a base gives you tons of space with simple seconds to get all the items you need.
Not to mention, you still need to grind to fill your other characters with loot to begin with.
Also, you still need to walk your characters to the same destination or forget where every character logged out in. And many more, but I’ll leave you to think about them yourself.

Sorry if I came out a bit hostile, it’s just that this topic has been on for more than it should and it’s just irritating now


a gold caracter is not better than a normal caracter there is just a gold color name/messages/caracter personalization only

Let’s be honest,

Absofreakinglutely nobody uses the character abuse ‘exploit’ anymore. It’s simply not worth the time you could save by parking a locker-filled vehicle on the Liberator and still get the (roughly) same result.

I honestly never thought about that (probably cuz I don’t play on Russia much)
Thanks for sharing :stuck_out_tongue:

The only downside is those green people you have to deal with mostly in arena, other than that its not unfair.

Character storage only sounds problematic if you exaggerate it. I mean really, anyone can do it in any game with an inventory system by using an alt account.

And with camo skins, I doubt it’s going to give you a long-term advantage since you’re most likely to grab clothing that won’t match your color.


People already wear ghilie suits to hide in the grass which, last time I checked, wasn’t part of the $5 Gold Upgrade