Strawpool on the Unturned II character


So I’ve seen different opinions about the new character looks (mainly cause of those huge arms) and I want to gather all your opinions, maybe we will reach to a common thought suitable for all of you. Here is a strawpool to vote on which character do you prefer:

( link removed, vote on pulpfreewater’s comment)


FYI there is a in-forum way to make votes/polls, its under the gear when you are making a post.

  • Devlog 2
  • Slenderman in car demo
  • Devlog 19

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Ok, thanks for the observation :slight_smile: I will use it in the future… Now gonna edit it cause you just added it.

  • Stop making polls about character model becasue there is like 73 RN
  • Sub-2-danaby2

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  • Captain Kick Ass
  • Dick Destroyer - Destroyer of dickheads

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ban pesky

  • No Antibiotics
  • More Antibiotics

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no .