Strip tease show - watch mah bum

I always get pissed when a miss-click causes my character to remove a piece of cloth, I wish that option could be executed by removing clothing from the character image to the left or dragging it out from it but not from the inventory middle column. If I’m at home it ain’t much of an issue, but when I’m in the open, I can’t spend too much time butt naked.

How often would someone need to remove clothing in hot spots? Worst is after when you have to pick all that was contained one by one in a massive F key spike.

My right bum is tighter so she says.


Came for the title, stayed for the legit issue that ticks me off constantly. Please tweak.


I don’t see any reason why you would need to click the player in the first place unless you’re trying to play with a touchpad or something where misclicks happen frequently.

what the fuck is that title lmao


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