Stuck in queue position #1

Whenever I try to connect to a server, it says Queue Position #1 and doesn’t load in. I can still play single player fine. I cannot hear any in game sounds, and can still move my cursor. I have tried all the fixes i could find, like verifying the game files, reinstalling, downloading latest drivers. I also have reinstalled windows. I know its not a connection issue. This has been happening for 2-3 months, if anyone has any information that would be appreciated.

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  1. What map does the server use?
  2. How many servers did you try to join?

From what i have tried, it has been happening for all maps, i have tried connecting to 15-20 servers. Both modded and vanilla.

First: try to join a vanilla server (select vanilla in the search options). Maybe there is a problem with the steam workshop.

If it didn’t work, could you check the task manager while the game is stuck at the queue position #1 screen? If either Unturned or Steam is using the disk (the value in the disk column isn’t 0), then just wait. It can be still a bug, but give it a chance.

Finally a random thing I found on the internet, idk if it’s true: special characters in your name can cause this, try changing it in the Characters menu (ingame). Or even check your steam name.

I hope this helped.

I tried to join some vanilla servers and remove special characters from my name, but that did not work. I was looking on the task manager while in the queue and in the disk column it showed 0% disk usage for Unturned and steam, so maybe this could be a source of the problem?

No disk usage when the game is idle is the normal behaviour, I just wanted to make sure that the problem is not that the game hasn’t loaded the files yet.
Unfortunately I don’t have any more ideas, I hope someone else can help you.

If you find a the solution, please share it, maybe someone else also has this problem

Perhaps you’re subscribed to too many workshop mods. Unsubscribe from your workshop mods and then try to join a server.

What pablo said, you need to go into the steamapps folder in your directory (Throw this in your file directory, I assume you have a C drive since its most common) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\304930 and completely wipe the contents of this folder

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