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One day, as I was staring at Unturned loading up, I had a revelation.

“Man, these screenshots are interesting, but they lack style!” I thought.

So I began pondering on what ‘style’ Unturned could potentially adopt, and being a big fan of GTAV and TF2, I eventually thought of matted photos of Unturned landmarks being a good starting point- so I did it.

And now I’m talking about it.
Please click it already.

Loading Screens

Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle

PEI’s Cape Rock

Russia’s Victory Arch

Washington’s Space Needle

Yukon’s Abandoned Mine-shaft of Mystery and Wonder

I might go back and clean them up a bit, maybe make some more for curated maps.
Tell me your thoughts, or don’t. I’m not your father. :simple_smile_zombie_:


god I wish


I feel like the PEI one needs a bit of differentiation between the water and the sky (Looks almost like it’s floating in a vast nothingness). Don’t really like the outline around the zombie in the front of the Russia one either, seems odd.

They look neat though and ignoring the parts that seem off to me, I’d say my favorite is the Washington one.

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I really like the Germany one

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These are cool art works, but it gives the game a different vibe, as if it were much darker and it had more survival.

These look pretty cool,good job animatic :grin:

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I like these! You should definitely do ones for the curated maps too


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