Continuing the discussion from Workshop sub categories:

If sub-categories are possible, might as well do them for most of the categories and not just the Workshop category. I’m not sure if this forum will become as cluttered as Steam Discussions can be, or if other sites will remain as the main source of posts.

However, theoretically, if this forum did become the primary flow of posts, then it’d easily get clustered pretty quick when mostly-private becomes mostly-not-private.

Pros of sub-categories (if possible)

  • More organized with less generalized areas.
  • Easier for people to find a specific group of topics they want to contribute to.
  • Better for linking other cool topics to your own topic.
  • Can still have a general “miscellaneous” section as a sub-category for each category.
  • Would help out overly generalized (but hard to break down) categories, such as “Gaming” and “Workshop.”

Cons of sub-categories (technically regardless)

  • More daunting to find the correct sub-category if overly specific.
    • Can become equally annoying and contradictory when moderators have to move said posts.
  • Feels less active when there are less people.
  • Makes it more difficult to find special things going on if it is hidden within a main category as a sub-category.
  • Molt thinks it might be a bit excessive, which is definitely a valid reason to not do it despite Molt making a post about it. :wink:

Possible sub-categories (again, if possible? :open_mouth:)

  • I think #uncategorized is probably fine… unless you want to blow someone’s mind! :clown_face:
  • We should totally categorize #memes by years.
  • There’s not too much to do with #site-feedback as to not make it overly complicated to sort through when providing feedback. That would just lead to feedback to remove the excessive sub-categories!
  • The #gamedev and #workshop could be combined? Becomes more of a “Custom Content” type thing.
    • Workshop mods, modules, plugins, third-party apps and sites, curated content, map projects, tutorials, etc. YouTube? Streams? Have the forum highlight streamer events?
      • Having new and updated tutorials go here would be great, too.
      • Downloads for content creation assets separate from the main game installation?
  • The #gaming category could be broken down into servers, trading, lobbies for any game?
  • #unturned-3 and #unturned-4 could have suggestions, bug reports, (minor?) patch notes, etc.?

I’m hesitant to start sub-categorizing before the post volume increases, but this will inevitably happen at some point.