Subnatica is free on epic games


Just to let you all know, subnatica is temporarily free on the epic games store. You should go get it, even if you have already bought subnatica on steam.


i wanna buy it,
but i cant because my pc has no wifi




You can get it from your phone or whatever device you are writing from.


ohh… well…

Thx dude!
damn, Epic Games Launcher is better than steam


it’s been like that for a while, and assuming from the bank banner it’ll be free for a longer time.

also super meat boy will be free soon too


they gave you one free game bro dont get on that hype train. I understand that you are probably joking but I wanna explain why this epic launcher hype isnt warranted yet. All epic has over steam is fortnite and the paycut. You wanna know what steam has? Discussion forums, workshop, proper profiles with trading cards and displayable badges, steam inventory support across the board, Tools for developers to host game servers and sell items off the steam API, The steam API itself, Existing users, built in recording and streaming, fuck loads of documentation for devs, and last but not least… every valve game.

if steam makes there dev cut better they get their spot back even though they never lost it
change my mind

fight me


bro you got the wrong idea

i meant i can download stuff on my Chromebook unlike steam


I think that you have missed this:

Steam was in development for about 15 years. You can’t expect a new service to have all the features right away.


let’s be honest, does anyone think epic games’ shitty steam clone is going to be any good? apart from their engine nothing they’ve ever made has been any good at all. they’re obviously giving subnautica away so that people will go to their shitty store, thus increasing its popularity