Subnautica and Lego LOTR Free


Alright, so right now Epic Games has a thing going on with Subnautica of all things being free until December 27th.
Store page here.

On the other hand, you can get a steam code for Lego The Lord of the Rings from Humble Bundle upon subscribing to their newsletter.

Enjoy your FREE games comrades.


Sorry for copying your post @Aj_Gaming but I still have the thing with LOTR so…



its fine.


So onto the topic of the Epic Games Launcher…
It sucks.
I’ve installed it and reinstalled it multiple times and the program will not launch, after looking online and trying all the fixes I’ve found a myraid of users have also had this problem and that none of the Epic Games staff members replied.


Really man? It works fine for me.:confused:
Well,it is not the best move for EPIC to not reply to their customers,even if they’re working on a fix.



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Good heres a fish joke