Subsonic Ammo and Supersonic Cracks

If you have ever played any Battlefield games or the recent PUBG then you might have noticed little cracks when a bullet misses your character, that is a supersonic crack.
Majority of ammunition is supersonic, (Except for .45 ACP, 300. BK, 9x39 SP5 and more) which means the rounds fired break the sound barrier and make tiny sonic booms.
This mechanic would be a nice addition to Unturned 4.0 as it lets you know how dangerously close you are from getting shot.

Can it be stopped? Yes, but with a special ammo called subsonic ammo, with a cost of less velocity which ultimately leaves you with less penetration and damage.

Subsonic ammo would be a neat little addition to 4.0 it would break the cliche that suppressors make your bullet drop more than usual (Actually suppressors make the bullet a tiny bit faster, the bullet drop is the result of using lower velocity subsonic ammo)

Why not have subsonic have the same stats as regular bullets but only found like fragmentation mags
Pretty rare and very useful

well nelson already added bullet cracks on the 4.0 github
the question is if he’ll have subsonic rounds not make cracks

Well its for balancing reasons, but maybe decreased bullet drop along with it’s rarity could be it’s only drawbacks.

Because there really isn’t much of a use for the subsonic bullets besides telling you that there’s someone with bad aim trying to kill you. I mean you could hear the bullet shots to know that you’re being shot
So I believe having the same stats but more rare would be a good idea

i mean you combine it with a suppressor, that could be a pretty big advantage so

In Rust they have this too, IIRC. 100% agree that this would be cool to add to either 3.0 or 4.0

Again, the subsonic ammo that you have would be very limited. Like fragmentation.
But still, you have the muzzle flash and the bullet trails and there’s a good possibility that you can hear the shots being fired because in unturned, suppressed guns don’t really hide that much sound

Suppressors aren’t that good anyways. Use it with a muzzle and you’d be pretty golden though.

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AND more drop, I guess.

More drop would make it pretty useless because as I said before, the only this helps with is telling you that someone with bad aim is trying to kill you. Not to mention the gun shot sounds. These are enough indicators to say that “Yep. There’s definitely someone shooting at me”

Yeah, good point.

Shouldn’t it cause more damage because it sticks in the body instead of going through?

Actually, yeah maybe it could have a small damage bonus, of course with more drop to make it more useful.

Frag mags? You mean those things you never find in survival like Compasses?

no, because frag mags (and tracers by extension) flat out don’t spawn at all

Frag mags do exist. But they aren’t common at all. And that’s what I think the subsonic rounds should be.

Frag mags do spawn, but once every eclipse. And tracers simply disappeared from the game

no, nelson, literally said he didn’t add either of them to any spawn tables.
unless that changed (which i don’t think it did), you’re wrong. they don’t spawn.

They do… I have a frag mag in my Alicepack. I found it in the mili crash site

They do spawn. But tracers are, what I believe to be, gone

That’s true, the tracer mag originally didn’t spawn because it was useless at the time. However, both of these special effect magazines can now be obtained legitimately on some maps as part of the Special spawn-group for Canada and America.

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