Suggestion about the wind system

So, i was scrolling through Nelson’s dev blogs and the rain/wind experiment dev blog i stumbled upon included this video.

Unfortunately, we never saw rope like things, and the grass never moved like that, only trees.

What if this was included in 4.x?


I think that is a test. I’m pretty sure the ball represents a player and the “ropes” are test power lines. Look at the size of the bush compared to the “ropes”

Yes, it is a test, but nelson never included crazy moving foliage during wind, did you watch the full video?

Seeing as there’s literally even windy foliage in 3.0, there probably will be for 4.0 as well.

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Yes, for sure, just want the crazy moving grass included too, and i thought the rope thingy was scrapped but according to KingFrog the ropes are test power lines.

You can already see similar physics in the strings on Nelson’s hoodie in Devlog 2.

Was this just an old 3.x blog post, or was this

It was scrapped, but it could be added to 4.x, maybe Nelson didn’t thought of adding something similiar to 4.x but we will see, probably in the next few dev logs.

Also, the strings that i was talking about were actually “added” on the hoodie.

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