(Suggestion) Allow us to organise our inventories

It’s been so long since the first cosmetics and skins came out. They’re nice, but the only things that are missing are inventory sorting and organization. It’s pretty tedious to look through your inventory before (re)equipping or whatever you want to do with the items.


  • Add a sorting option to arrange your items according to the one you selected. E.g. Sort by date, rarity, item type
  • You can change the sorting direction with ‘Ascending’ and ‘Descending’
  • Allow item dragging to place in your desired inventory page

You can look at Team Fortress 2 as an example.


‘Sort by case’, ‘Sort by rarity’, ‘Sort by type’, etc?


yes its really hard to look at 5 pages and from a lot of items you to be able to see what you need

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yes it’s a good idea but i think that the research bar is good(you can search your items)but yes if you don’t remember the name it’s hard yes)

only loosely related, but the option to unequip all cosmetics or have them all off by default when joining a game would also be top quality

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Make it remember whether or not skins, cosmetics, and/or mythicals were enabled/disabled from last time on the server. Maybe have that information forgotten after not playing on the server for 5 days or so, as to keep stuff from clogging up too much.

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that too yes

Definitely should be added, especially in 4.0.