[Suggestion] Character classes, exclusive abilities, skill trees

Hey, got yet another idea for improving the gameplay and granting different abilities to different types of characters to play as.
And I mean here classes.
Basically there are different types of characters that you can choose to play as at the beggining of the game.
These “classes” would have different qualities: Strength, Agility and Intelligence.
Different classes would have different level of different qualities.
Strength would mean the amount of health you have, your efficiency/speed at different tasks (chopping trees, digging holes for possible traps?), and proficiency in combat (maybe different abilities on high levels, like pushing enemies).
Intelligence would mean your capacities of learning, finding uses for everyday objects (like distracting zombies), abilities to craft very neat items/structures/traps and maybe hints, “thoughts” of a clever character to consider by player.
Agility would mean your capacities of moving around; moving & sprinting faster in any stance, moving quietly, jumping higher, efficiency in different tasks (fishing), and maybe acrobatics at higher levels (parkour, dodging bullets).
Each character has 5 levels spent on different types of qualities.

Qualities could scale like this (from minimum to maximum):
Strength: Wimpy, average, fit, strong, mighty
Intelligence: Dumb, average, clever, brilliant, genius.
Agility: Stiff, average, flexible, limber, athlette.
There could be different types of classes, like an intellectualist (Brilliant, flexible, wimpy), strongman (mighty, [agility] average and dumb), athlette (limber, [strength and intelligence] average) and 3 different types of “jacks of traits” with two second - levelled qualities and one average - levelled quality, and probably an “average” (all average) class to play as.
There, however, would be a limitation of increasing those traits each by two levels (with the “second” level requiring almost an impossible amount of work), influenced by character’s state (starving, hurt/sick).
The reason of this would be some rational, realistic thinking. A wimpy person shouldn’t become a circus strongman (would end up at “fit” level at the most), and a dumb character wouldn’t end up as an engineer (with lots of luck may end up on “clever” level).

In other words: You can’t become a master at every single thing.

What do you think about the idea? I think that it would add a lot of varieties of character and some real limitations at the start of the game.
Once again, feel free to share your thoughts on the idea. I am always keen to hear people’s feedback with the possibility of improving the idea even more.


I don’t think this fits with unturned II and I would not like to have this because it would annoy me,
and we already have skills like someone is better at driving or shooting in games so it would be unnecessary.


I, myself, didn’t particularly want that in, the only reason I posted this was curiosity.
I just to find out what people think and what they want.


I do think that something similar to this would work really well in Unturned ll, I just think that it needs some changing and fine tuning for it to work well.


I’ve made similar suggestions, class system or just giving every character a specialist skill like in state of decay everyone has the 4 main skills but not everyone has a 5th skill or even the same 5th skill.

The problem is you’ll hurt lone wolves, hurt single player and it’ll suck to play if your group is offline.

For example your medic is offline and you have a serious injury.

Or your a lone wolf at a disadvantage because you can’t train all skills vs a group with a player with each skill.

I don’t like class system, and in my opinion it doesn’t fit in UII.
I think that the perfect skill system is that when you do something, your skill in this field increases.

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Yeah, I know. Nelson even mentioned it in the roadmap;
Skill buffs earned based on your actions rather than XP points
I, myself, like that concept so much more.


I’d recommend you take a look at this.

It would be nice, but I don’t think it would really fit unturneds style.
But yes I do like the idea that you can’t master every skill but I don’t think it would really be in unturneds style to have it like this.

But nice post and well explained👌🏼


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