Suggestion for 4.0

I looked at many of topics on the forum and I wanted to announce you two suggestions :

  • I would like to see current maps much bigger than those of russia or germany with more of biomes thus more cities as on the map of altis life on arma 3.
  • For the second suggestion, if the first one is realized, I would like that all the vehicles see increasing their speeds in a considerable way because vehicles current seems to me a little bit slow.

PS: It is possible that there are words there which you did not understand, it is normal I am French and I use a translator (Reverso)

Vehicles seem good for now. What I really want to have is life-sized cities and maps built to scale.

People seem to suggest this often, but also say that all the maps are too small for the current vehicle speeds, and even for just straight-up sprinting. :thinking:

Very conflicting imo.

Well some maps have a decent size for a higher speed, the problem is the vehicles current physics, try to drive a roadster for 30 secs offroad, impossible :confused:

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Imo, the perfect answer would be a map size, which is larger than large but smaller than insane.
Vehicles? who need vehicles, just select the policeman character traits and sprint across the map! Its insane how fast you are.
Yes,Vehicles need to be slowed down, its a post apocalyptic world… how often would you see a car in a good enough condition to be able to drive at 90?

Fix plz

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2x times than large maps, instead of 4x (Insane) ?

insane map can fit 4 large maps, so thats technically 2x? Unless you want a wonky rectangular map

Insane is four times larger than large.

i meant 300% larger, soz

I hope in the future the option for vr in the game will be enabled again- and if your pc meets certain specs, can actually play at least single player in the vr world. It will be exiting if Nelson thinks about this! thanks


why speed in vehicles? a map when you move slow is more imersive, when 2 clan meet the pvp is insane why the 2 groups have very itens and equipament to travel long distances with starving and bacteria etc.

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