Suggestion For Clothing

Now that 4.0 looks like it will have seasons, I have a suggestion. I think that you should need to wear certain types of clothing for different seasons. Say that in winter I wear a t-shirt and shorts; this wouldn’t be a very nice experience. So I think there should be a requirement for seasons.
Winter: The minimum is trousers, a long sleeved shirt and a jacket. Maybe in blizzards this could involve more, like maybe a hat but I don’t know.

Spring: You should be able to wear trousers and any sort of shirt, and wearing a jacket would make you consume water at a slightly higher rate.

Summer: The max would be shorts and a t-shirt. Anything over that and you would consume water a lot faster. This requirement could change if the map is in a region thats cooler, like the Yukon.

Autumn: The exact same as spring.

I am open for discussion and criticism on this idea.


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