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So, let’s look at the game as we know it so far. What’s missing? It’s not super obvious when you look at it, but I think I have created the total and complete suggestion that will rectify all the issues the game faces and revamp it into something on par with only the greatest series in video game history; Unturned II could be the next Portal; nay, the next BAD RATS if my suggestion is taken into account when the game is created.

So what is this ground-shattering, earth-defying suggestion that will absolutely revolutionize Unturned II and the game industry as a whole? To explain the suggestion, I first need to explain how I came up with it. After all, people are constantly asking me: “Kerf, why is your genius unparalleled?” or “How do you come up with your amazing suggestions?” or “How old are you?”; as prometheus gave fire to man, so I shall give the process of which I come up with what are, simply, the most earth-shattering, invigorating, intelligent, and norm-defying suggestions on the forum.

So, how did I come up with it in the first place? The answer is simple. I was playing some unturned 3, as you do, on the maps of the stellar -ez-, while listening to my gamer playlist, and I realized; I was running low on ammo. Now, ammo was not hard to get; the effort put into making these maps ensured that there was always a strikingly well-done balance between the spawns and the difficulty of obtaining ammo. However, the difficulty with this was was that I was already attempting to find something; more specifically a cow. Why did I need a cow in the first place? First and foremost, cows drop three things: leather, milk, and beef. Leather can be used to craft a variety of things; leather tops, leather bottoms, makeshift vests, and leather backpacks. Personally, I love the leather backpack; it strikes an amazing balance between utility and storage. That’s why my skillset is worker; I can craft all the things I need for a discount price and never need to worry about losing my skills. Frankly, I could not understand the mindset of using any other skillset; after all, you’re not gaining all that much. Mere phyiscal bonuses cannot withstand the onslaught of being able to craft everything you need. Weapons, ammo, clothing, housing, even food.

And then there’s milk. Frankly, it disgusts me how much of an oversight nelson made when designing the game. The milk comes out of the cow, pre-boxed, with no consequence? This makes zero sense. Cows do not constantly produce milk, and even when they do, you can’t get it out of them when they’re dead. This is the kind of inaccuracy that is killing unturned. And finally, beef. I liked the addition of meat to the game; it introduced a renewable food source, and it created a new meta; instead of farming, or investing in agriculture, or constantly raiding grocery stores, you could consistently get a lot of food with several benefits to boot. This includes leather, and if you are attacking a cow, milk. This frustrates me. Nelson could have added far deeper mechanics in regards to animals; skinning, improved AI, and even more depth in the amount of food harvested from animals. But sadly, nelson did not pay any attention to these details, and it still haunts the game to this day.

As I was saying, I needed to find a cow. Why? I needed beef. Why did I need beef? I wanted to make a pizza; why did I want to make a pizza? The reason is simple; I was collecting all foods, so that at some point I could eat them, test out their values, and finally make a spreadsheet to enlighten the peons of the community as to the values of the food. Of course, as a master of unturned who has been playing the game since before France; (yeah, I’m an old-timer), I already know all the values; but I feel that the highest members of society must set an example for the lowest.

As I was saying; I was looking for a cow. Now, at the time, I was using an Ace; it’s personally my favorite weapon in the game for a variety of reasons. It has superb DPS, not to mention the availability of ammunition that makes it such a compelling choice. And all of this in a secondary weapon; why, if you wanted to, you could hold TWO aces, one in each slot! I refuse to do this however; it would be resolutely unfair to anyone who faced me.

Anyways, I eventually did find the cow. But now I had to find the ammo. Now to find the ammo, I would need to walk to the nearest town. Walking is my favorite part of unturned; it is downright invigorating. I love looking at the landscapes, and the ambient noise is like an orchestra; it is simply just one of the most beautiful things one can experience.

So, once I had found the ammo, this being a Civilian Ammunition Box with 34 bullets in it, I suddenly thought of what would simply be the best suggestion to the game anyone could ever experience:

The entirety of Half-Life needs to be put into the game as an official map. You should be able to play through all of the game with full functionality; the weapons, the tram section, barney’s downright inspired AI; all of it. The game simply needs this; it will not be a functional game otherwise. I am not willing to compromise, debate, or argue on this position; this is something that simply needs to happen.


no 3rd person pls


you’ve made things that are it

and things that are not.




“It’s long so it must be good” - danaby2

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I won’t even bother reading the rest

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Ez, I don’t craft much, and I can’t stand having low running skills.
When I do craft, I have the skill points from being able to run everywhere.

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