Suggestion for melee mechanics

All suggestions are considering a right-handed character.


Mouse clicks:
Right button: right punch.
Left button: left punch.
Left button + right button: punch with both hands, which could serve as a push.

Pressing the mouse:
Press right button: right cross.
Press left button: left hook.
Pressing left + right button: arm a guard that blocks physical attacks, being effective only with punches / basic zombie attacks, consumes istamine to maintain, can be broken.

While jumping:
Clicking / pressing on the right and left mouse buttons keeps the punches, hook and cross, pressing the left + right keeps the guard, but just clicking on both at the same time triggers a kick, it is much more powerful and has the effect of a push.

While holding a melee weapon (baseball bat, axes, swords, etc).

Right button: Basic attack 1 (I am considering the ax movement in the beta).
Left button: Basic attack 2 It could be an attack in different positions, diagonal or vertical, taking more damage.
Left button + right button: push.

Pressing the mouse:
Press right button: Basic attack 1 receives a charge that consumes histamine, but delivers a much stronger blow.
Press left button: Basic attack 2 receives a charge that consumes histamine, but delivers a much stronger blow.
Pressing left + right button: Mounting a guard much more efficiently than using only your hands.


I think it’s a good idea for better melee battles but it really is confusing with a lot of memorization and feels like a bunch of combos.


Tu idea me encanta, la verdad tiene mucho potencial, sin embargo veo que la has acomplejado mucho o simplemente esta algo dificil de entender. Te hice una respuesta pero sin embargo era tan larga que la volvi otro post. Espero lo veas y me comentes que te parece n.n.

Cool idea but we only using two buttons while in combat so maybe if you hold right button as a block but stronger swing/blow/strike could be holding a left and let it go creates it.
Much simple.

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