Suggestion for Unturned 4.0, Customizable crosshairs

I would really like to see customizable crosshairs in Unturned 4.0. I mean we can customize the crosshair in unturned 3.0 but only change the colour.

I would also like to be able to change the size of the crosshair

for example

my favorite is the triangle one with the dot.


one crosshair looks like it could be only used on grenade launchers or even tanks.
But other than that I think that unturned should have a crosshair customization in 4x especially if its gonna be 3rd person.

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I think the crosshair should be based on what weapon you have.


You know wat i really like that idea. However if it is gonna be like that i hope we will be able to change the size.

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I think some crosshairs should be available to customize for your character.
But some crosshairs should be based on different weapons like grenade launchers or throwables(grenades, flashbangs, smoke grenades).

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I believe what is currently planned is that crosshairs will be specific to the type of weapon your using, (i.e. shotguns have a different style crosshair than pistols) and I feel that would be far more useful than one custom crosshair that is used across the board. If you could have a custom crosshair for each weapon however, it could be fine.


Nelson has already said crosshairs will vary by weapon type, however the ability to have a center dot or not would be cool

Maybe we could go a bit deeper and make it so there are little variations of each variation of the gun sight/scope? Just to add that little bit of flair to the things you can find.

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