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I have a suggestion. Maybe we could add an option to quickly put items into the wardrobe? Rust has similar mechanics. You hold G and move the mouse over the items and the items are quickly placed in the cabinet. In my opinion, it could save some time on putting items into wardrobes and safes one by one. I’m a person who sometimes uploads scraps and it’s a bit bothersome to click one click at a time. Maybe the community will comment on my proposal and write an opinion on it. Have a nice day if you are reading this :slightly_smiling_face:


This has existed in a slightly different form for many years unless you mean as an alternative to Ctrl + Right/Left Click.

I’m not sure if this applies to scrap and wire in all curated maps, but my strategy for storing scrap is to craft it into wire for a slight space reduction. It does create more bars as an intermediate while you’re doing it, but it can make an impact if you normally have three or more wardrobes of scrap.

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He means “Hover loot” option like in Rust.


Ive always wanted the option to use a box select in the inventory to put stuff away.

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How about instead of using bias you think of unturned as its own game.A better option would be a way to place/take all the items of the same type in/from a box. With how many 1x1 items (and space in general compared to vanilla) the new currated maps have this would be the better option. It would allow you to look for items in chests provided you have one of them, it would allow you to sort chests faster and drop off many items that would othervise take up to 20 clicks. This option should only work for sorting so picking up items would still be time consuming.

Along with this valuable items should turn into placed assets if they are about to despawn, its fine if some crafting materials despawn, but something specifically crafted despawning is not something many people want. If this is added it would lower the amount of high loot servers (bad not only because of high loot if you do play and happen to die they usually have fast despawn so many times you lose your items just because of travel time. I include 3x and 5x servers in high loot) and make playing with durability better (durability should break the items not leave them at 0% tho and each time it should cost more to fix them so at some point you have to let the item break) as even in normal loot servers if too many people make/find the “mythical” items they become more common than the starting items (to the point where noone actually bothers keeping them just leaving one or two for themselves instead of thinking that there is a small chance to get one again).

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First half is a cool idea, I agree. Everything else I didn’t bother to read, sorry.

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