Suggestion: Forum awards

Hey guys Fleshy “Sean” Pig here. I’m not known for my great introductions so i’m going to waste a paragraph to say this instead of just being concise in my forum post about introducing a new feature and ignoring an introduction altogether.

Can Nelson add reddit awards to the forums? :flushed:




thank you kind stranger :smiley:


Can’t tell if #community-lounge:memes or #meta:forum, but it’s possible (far down the line)? There’s not really any system in place for it right now though (nothing to tie awards to posts or users, and nothing to handle how awards can be given).

The closest we could probably do if something like that was implemented today would be more like Facebook reactions.


for the love of god do not add reddit awards, there’s already enough band kids on this website


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Yes, please encourage people to chase internet goodboi points. I am sure nothing bad will ever come of it … right?

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Begone Foul creature

Practicing in the mirror again? I see.


oh boy, i can’t wait to get more retard points. i can finally get the dopamine that i so desperately need

To clarify: I don’t personally like the idea, but if it was something people wanted implemented then it’d not happen anytime soon.


Molton’s first ever W

0/10 bait thread
This place is already enough like reddit, we don’t need to go the extra step


molt is a based epic wholesome chungus

careful with your band kid language

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This could work if there were a “currency” gained through being active on the forums or contributing to discussion a lot, as well as gaining other awards etc etc, which would be used to buy further awards. However that would be implemented or how abuse would be prevented are tough questions which will probably lead to this never being introduced in the first place. The forums are lame anyways.


SvenBucc 2.0. Get in here cheeto.

unturned already has a subreddit

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And it sucks, which is why nobody wants r/untunred 2.0