Suggestion: Have multiple factions on the map

One thing I really liked about Unturned I is that you can do some RP related stuff, quests, etc on most maps, such as Russia. I really enjoyed doing this. What I really want tho, is a better faction and AI system, or at least one that exists. My suggestion is that they add 3 factions:

-Government related
-Ex Military related
-Civilian related

The government faction aims to reassert itself over the decimated land, and helps random settlements. They have high-level gear and facilities, but generally do not patrol the land. They simple protect their bases, and do not wander too far away from them.

The ex-military faction tries their best to take over the land, as they feel civilians are incompetent, and that the whole epidemic was caused by the government which they no longer trust. They have military-grade gear and facilities, some of which are makeshift to an extent. They patrol the land and are very hostile.

The civilian faction is a group of people just trying to survive. They have makeshift gear, facilities, and settlements. They also patrol the land and try to be friendly.

There will be a way to join each faction, and each one has it’s own quest-line, missions, shops, etc.

What do you guys think of something like this? We could go even further and add something similar to the scientists and bandits of Rust, as well as some of the Fallout 4 factions.


I dont know if nelson has confirmed hostile AI and if he has i dont know if we should have factions based on something like this since the liberator faction has a pirate , an prison immate and idk it doesnt seem like they have much in common , there could be factions that are all goverment but that one should be part of a hidden story and you wouldnt be able to join them and only hear of their existance (maybe something like scorpion 7 in unturned I)
But if we will have hostile npc i do believe we will see a faction of them but i would prefere if it would be something like bandits made up of anyone that is willing to kill anything and everything to survive and they could have some ex military personal or just about anyone that doesnt mind robbing and killing humans
But overall good idea

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The map and its factions being reactive to every players’ decisions sounds like a nice way to develop a server’s own story. So maybe having multiple factions on the map is cool.

Having multiple factions on some maps would be cool. It worked pretty well on the Greece map in 3.X, as far as I could tell.

About the specific factions OP suggested, the government and civilian factions seem like they could be fine for some map(s) (similar to Syndicate, Omega and Hellenic Forces in 3.X) but obviously aren’t international powers. The military faction could be fine as well, but I would be quite surprised if Nelson decided that “Yeah, this nation’s military would totally attempt a coup d’etat under these conditions and I should reflect that in my latest sequel to a Roblox zombie game.”

If I were to suggest three factions to be in Unturned II, they would be as follows:

  • A Scorpion-7 esque organization that probably had something to do with the outbreak, and they (or their overrun bases) would probably be involved in any attempts to make a cure or vaccine or any excursions into the homeworld of the Turned
  • A coalition-esque organization that attempts to establish order, quarantines, safezones, military cooperation, and international aid.
  • A smuggling network that attempts to get goods and/or people across the lines that they feel the coalition has drawn unfairly, and that they should have the right to cross.

The coalition is led by a redhead named Tyler, who likes scarves, while the smugglers are led by a pirate named Paul, who likes eye patches.


I didn’t say Military, I said ex-military. They think the government is behind the virus and what happened, and so they oppose the government. Although I like your idea, we need factions that oppose one another and have different degrees of friendliness to the player. The ones you suggested are too similar in this since.

Would also be cool to have faction AI or bandit AI or something roam around the map, potentially harming the player.

I think U2 should just be as flexible as possible, so people can make their own factions and AI related stuff around these factions. What you’re suggesting could be cool for one map, but imo every map should have different factions and maybe even AI. I would like the ability to disable certain parts of factions and traders as some can become quite OP, like getting dressings from clothing using xp at the Russia ship, but I don’t know how Nelson is going to introduce trading if at all.

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I dont think traders would be OP because unturned II from what i’ve heard wont have an xp system like unturned I so that means a curancy will be a must and untill we know what that curancy will be we cant say for sure how OP it would be (sorry if i misunderstood your post english is my second language )

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We should definitely have a currency system, as opposed to tradable XP, but for skills I think there should be different skill trees, perk points, and more, each of which you can develop by doing quests, missions, completing achievements, and just playing the game.

In terms of traders, I would suggest having some low-tier traders scattered all over the place which could be upgraded by completing quests, and doing missions for them. Other than that, mid-tier and high-tier traders should not even exist until late game, and the only way to acquire them into the map is by joining a certain faction, doing missions for them, etc. Maybe even an option where you have to “train” the NPC to be a shopkeeper and weapons expert (for example, if you want him to sell high-tier weapons).

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