[Suggestion] Lighting presets for beginner map makers


So, if you’ve ever made a map you know that once you create it, you are greeted with the classic PEI materials, lighting and roads. This is what all beginner map makers use, I even used the defaults for like the first year and a half I spent making maps. Lighting is easy to change, but most people just don’t bother. Changing materials/roads is much harder, you need to copy over files from other maps and replace them and its a whole mess, once you learn it yes of course it’s easy but how are new map makers supposed to figure that out?

So this is my suggestion, before creating a map you would have the option of selecting if you want PEI, WASHINGTON or RUSSIA materials, lighting and roads. I think that these presets would really enhance the quality of nooby workshop maps, especially with how great Russia’s lighting is when compared to PEI.

The reason maps like GERMANY are not on the list is because that map uses devkit and there you can use materials from all maps without any kerfuckery.

[there is text on the pei tab i just didnt give it an outline because idk how i could do that in paint dot net]

Aight that’s all, imma head out


carpathian lighting whille not be friends with you


Honestly this would be a really, really good addition, even though I don’t use the official materials, the ability to quickly choose lighting that fits a map’s location could be useful, even if I change it down the road.


Speaking of the manually changing materials and lighting presets n stuff, I’d normally just switch between maps taking a screenshot of the lighting settings on Russia to log back into my own map to change em, but with this idea of presets I really do like it.

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