(Suggestion) Magnet_Specific

There should be a range of vehicles a magnet vehicle should be allowed to hold. Maybe it could use a spawntable? It could be in the .asset file of the vehicle which has the magnet function and could be “Magnet_Specific 7” which would allow for the vehicle to only attach/pick up vehicles in spawntable 7.

I haven’t seen anything about this, but it would be useful for some vehicles.
I had in mind for a while a semi truck that could attach to trailer vehicles and would allow for expanded storage/gas holding, but realized it could attach to any car/plane. This would fix that problem and would certainly fit into the desired vehicle rehaul shown in the survey.

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It would be pretty niche but nice, especially since it would let people make the vehicles magnets can be used on a bit more realistic so it couldn’t work on tanks or giant warships, or something.

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