Suggestion: Make the weapon not disappear from the hands after using the ladder

VERY often there are situations when you climb stairs with a weapon, and you forget that you need to pick it up again after using the stairs. It’s just terrible, because of this, very often you can not have time to get a weapon on the stairs, and die.

Please make it so that the weapon is automatically picked up after using the ladder


How do you just forget you aren’t holding your weapon anymore???

In all the games I’ve played, weapons do not disappear from hands after using ladders. So it’s become a habit. I don’t think it’s a big problem to make weapons not disappear from hands after ladders and etc.

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Though it’s not game breaking to have your weapon/item removed from your hands when climbing ladders, I do think it would be a nice QoL improvement to re-equip the item you were last holding after exiting a ladder, vehicle, or any other state similar.

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