Suggestion - New logo fonts


Top Left - Lemon/Milk by Ariq Sya

Top Right - Markus Ink by Ferran López (spaced out)

Bottom Left - Bebas Neue by Dharma Type

Bottom Right - Monofonto by Typodermic Fonts


Gotta be a fan of that top right. The others, I have to admit, look really good. But this one stands out because it’s not as plane as the others. If I have to choose another, I’d go with top left. Looks neet


I like Monofonto

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I prefer the blender font, but the top left and right ones look nice.

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I like the bottom ones, Bebas Neue and Monofonto.

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All these fonts are so similar to other horror game title fonts, like DayZ, The Forest, etc. I think it does need a change, but atm Arial is still pretty original compared to the other games of this genre.

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Top left love it!

if by original you mean the definition of basic, bland and generic then I agree

How many games use Ariel as their title font?

None except for Unturned, because as I’ve said it’s basic, bland and generic. I guess Nelson is the only dev that doesn’t see logos as a way of appealing people for a product.

Then I’d say its a pretty unique title font.

I think top left is a bit too thick like bottom left and right.Top right however the only prob i have with it that it should be more tidied (Not too much since its a zombie apoc game I think the logo should be like a thing close to sprayed paint writing) and the gap between letters are huge

Artifikia is better

I really like the top left tho, just its such a beautiful font. The top-right is pretty great too, but it seems pretty flimsy compared to the rest (besides bottom-left). Then bottom-right is just plain-jane ugly, with really no style or originality.

I Could argue unturned is not really a product
Its f2play and the only announced purchase is premium for servers

Otherwise your post is fine

Your posts are both from 4 months after the last comment. Please don’t necropost.

I’m going to have to vote for the top left one just because Lemon/Milk is my favorite font and I use it for stuff all the time. But on the other hand these are very generic, just an opinion.

Please read my comment above your post.

Free products exist.

Also what @NeedlessMemeing said

Try using Made By Bears Demo or Have Heart. One costs money but both look great!