[SUGGESTION] Option to Toggle Hair While Wearing a Hat

Tired of looking bald with your beret on? Rest easy with this simple addition. This toggle button would be found in the appearance settings on the Unturned menu and would simply allow hair to show while wearing a hat. Then, one can pick the hair that would have the least clipping issues (or the most, if that’s what you want). In addition to this I would suggest new hairstyles that have shorter hair on top while still having some on the sides/back of the head (like a crew-cut/buzz-cut) to minimize hair clipping through hats and just improve character aesthetic overall by getting rid of the balding epidemic.

This has also been suggested for 4.0, my mistake.


apart from toggleability (which I don’t agree with), this has been suggested many times and it’s on nelson’s to-do list already

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Is it really on his list? If so, sorry about that. Where can I find the list? Honestly this is something I’ve wanted for a long time. The toggle would simply be to satisfy anyone who doesnt want hair clipping, but I suppose its arbitrary because they could just use the bald hairstyle. Anyway I see no problem with suggesting this again, multiple suggestions just shows that this is something the community would want.

You’d find it on GitHub, but even if it’s not there already I can assure you he’s got that issue in mind.