(Suggestion) Seasonal “Holiday” Markers

Just how there is Christmas, Halloween, valentines, and pride. There should be 4 seasonal markers built in game. Just seasonal redirections.
It would look like:
This would be niche, but it would be helpful for map makers to have seasonal redirects, especially for servers. Wouldn’t affect anything else, but it would be cool to have built in. Could just be assigned to the seasonal solstices.

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It could effect vanilla maps too if Nelson updated them as well… could also be cool to (optionally) allow seasons to have gameplay effects like faster crop growth in spring and summer, and snow/cold during winters. Although, for that it that might be better to have a configurable season system, letting line up with irl or based on ingame days (which would be a lot less frustrating if I had a gameplay impact).

Good idea!

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There are difficulties with seasons being different depending on the hemisphere. I suppose devs could always invert their overrides or whatever. Important to keep in mind.

Definitely have them be configured, maybe in a .json line like where you could set “season spring” to your own custom date (for other hemisphere) and could have overrides regarding gameplay events.

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