Suggestion to vehicle # 3.1416

Add the capacity of turn car on or off inside of pilot area.
Add the capacity of control car with the computer mouse

I was thinking that if the F key is to enter and exit the car, you could hold F to turn the vehicle on and off, or hold F open a circle with options, such as turning the lights on and off, windshield wipers in case of rain, etc.

I think using mouse to drive wouldn’t be a good idea, in games like Midtown Madnees there was the option of using a mouse as steering wheel and it was a bit annoying because of the sensitivity(i don’t remember if i can change that), besides you could not turn the camera when driving


Use the war thunder system to push I for Ignition.

Dude now you remember me this…

“besides you could not turn the camera when driving”

Driving should be like in ArmA. WSAD as usual and alt to toggle free camera.

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