Suggestion:unturned official chinese patch

hi,Nelson,I come from china,I am making a Chinese patch for unturned,I started the job from 2015,I would like to ask, we can cooperate, pushing the official Chinese patch,Free of charge,For the Chinese users to serve

Why is this not already a localization mod? Credibility is important, which someone like La Anghe would have because they put their’s up and consistently updates it.

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Wow I thought this already existed.

The only official localization for Unturned is English.

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and apparently “test russian” too

“test russian” is loaded with the game and on servers, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t in actual use. If it was, people seem to prefer player-made localizations instead anyways. :thinking:

  • Curated localizations?
  • Community-improved localizations?
  • Professionally-translated localizations?


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