Suggestion : Zombie accuracy

I think that zombies should get less accurate the more you damage them. In certain spots you hit it, they would get less accurate.

For example, hit them in the legs they get slower or turn to crawlers.

Hit in the arms, they will attack slower.

Do you think there should be anything else?


I think Nelson confirmed this a while back, not sure though.

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in the unturned trello wishlist , whit also the cut of the turned limbs.

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I agree with this but they should add the opposite too, otherwise this would be too easy. Maybe if you shoot a zombies arm off, some of the zombies pick up the arm and throw it at you. Another cool idea is to add enraged zombies, that look like normal zombies, but become super hostile and powerful when not hit in the head or something.



eh, I’m not really sure about them looking exactly like normal zombies, but as a separate, more rare zombie type, this could be an interesting idea. Ex. a zombie with body armor

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I’d prefer if body armor were exclusively an indication that a body part is armored. If the Turned’s appearance needs to convey whether hitting a certain part of the hitbox will kill, maim, enrage, detonate, or have some other special effect, then I think it should be done by having that body part swollen, shriveled, stretched, discolored, glowing, covered in growths, or highlighted by particle effects.


I’ll be happy enough if I can cut off the arms and jaw and have pet zombies ;p

Can we introduce decapitation too then? Like it won’t kill the zombie entirely, the head would still be alive and just keep that on the shelf or a trophy case

We should also add a device (like a kind of glass box) that keeps the zombie/player/whatever head alive if you pick it up fast enough and connect it to the box, lol. I would love to see that.

Other than that, losing body parts should not only be limited to zombies, it should happen to players also. Another cool thing would be to have injured body parts.

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Hit in the head and they get dumber?

Joking. But maybe hitting in the head can stun them I guess.

We already have stun in Unturned I, and I don’t think it’s such a good mechanic. This would be much better.

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