Suggestions for a 4.0 release update

Using cloth to make shirts which then you can pull up a gui to design a image onto them.
Car upgrades and modifications such as performance exhausts and better engines.
Spray paint and paint brushes for uses such as painting your base.
Disabilities for when you start a singleplayer world or go on a server for the first time, like heart conditions where your max health is lower, and weak bones where you take more fall damage.
All of these would spice of the game a lot! :blush:

:ok_hand: (TEN CHARACTERS)

Is this meant to be satirical?

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I don’t understand why people would want to start with disabilities. I guess it makes the game “harder”, but… :confused:

The other ideas are decent, but not exactly necessary since their mostly cosmetic. The car upgrade system sounds neat but shouldn’t be too complex.

@n3rfcr4zy5 Disabilities on hard mode.

You should probably edit your OP to specify that, then.

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