Suggestions for Kuwait

Any of you guys have suggestions for Kuwait? Be sure to tell me and I’ll see if I can add it!


add grass to the lawn

Make sure your towns have a flow. Cities dont go from suburb than to suddenly giant sky tower. If possible, make that town bigger to fit in some tall office buildings and apartments.

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I have grass off, there is grass there, don’t worry c:

Makes sense, something I did want to focus on is the fact that since Kuwait is an incredibly tiny country in real life, it’s incredibly dense, so while what you did say is right (about the city’s flow) I do think that having smaller houses/buildings on the outskirts then getting taller and bigger buildings towards the middle will help with the gameplay.

Can you enter those 2 towers?

No sadly, think of them like the Space Needle in Washington, merely there for decoration.

Aw, shame.

You could atleast let the door open and put some high tier loot(IRL rich people go there), but the lifts/stairs are blocked by props so someone couldn’t just make an OP tower base

Oh this image is really outdated now, towers look a lot more different.

Add shopping carts and animated objects xd


Swinging objects attached to cranes, and wrecking balls! :wink:


Might as well add a damned UFO that abducts you into a boss fight whether you like it or not xd

can i steal this

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Stay away homogay

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