Suggestions for map ideology

What I’ve heard is that Russia from 3.0 is 4km x 4km and in one of the recent interviews I’ve heard that he wants to make maps 8km x 8km, now since In unity there is no optimization I felt like Those big maps had little city’s and small amount of places. Since unturned is on Unreal and is optimized can there be even bigger cities. It would be cool since it’s not just going to the usual spots to get loot. Along side that maybe more city’s or other thing such as suggested by another like crashed planes, abandoned camps. Now this might be a good idea or a bad idea depending on the person but how bout adding some sewers accessible by maybe using a tool to open it. This would reuse the same caving system as Russia in 3.0 and maybe the same thing where you need a flashlight of night vision to see. Maybe there can be some that people can open jump into and try to escape Incase a horde is coming or something.

Edit: it can also be used as a base with some zombies also roaming inside. Would make cool idea to explore around to try to find bases etc

What do you guys think of this?


So the suggestion is to add sewers ?


That and like other suggestions expand cities and add more landmarks

That’s not Unity, that’s Nelson, many well-polished games were made in Unity, Hollow Knight, Cities Skylines, Ori and the Blind Forest & much more. I recommend you watch this Video:

Oh and you didn’t even suggest maps, you just said you wanted bigger towns.


I might’ve chose the wrong explanatory title for this but I changed it to something that can probably describe it better

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That’s pretty much like suggesting to add zombies then… larger places are going to be a thing without a doubt. I still don’t really get what you’re trying to say, make the maps with more content ? If that’s it then it’s literally what is going to happen.


I honestly had no idea, I’ve been looking into the Trello and there’s had been nothing about cities and other things with more detail. If that’s true what you say then great, the suggestion is kind of like a things that are confirmed then. Besides the sewer system and the more landmarks ofcourse. this pretty much shows from an early view what smallish locations could look like. Pineridge is a neighbourhood in Calgary IRL, so you can logically expect cities to be quite big.


What I’ve heard is that Russia from 3.0 is 4km x 4km

Sorry, but I’ll have to call BS on that I myself did not do the math, but it at least deaks nowhere near as big. Survival games rise and fall along with their maps (and core gameplay loop, but that applies to quite literally every game). I know that that is wishful thinking but I’d really like to see Arma style maps, big and open but with detailed cities splattered around.

Cities and military bases/bunkers should be the hardest locations to loot in terms of enemy difficulty. This also means they have the best loot.

The center of cities should be loot hot spots where items spawn at the best quality or grade.

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I don’t get it, are you against this or with it? Cause I said I wanted bigger cities with More landmarks to visit like more cities

Excuse me, what ?

That’s supposed to say i want more Landmarks with Bigger cities XD, that’s what I get for typing on mobile

All for it, just saying that russia certainly does not feel like 4km by 4km.

Subjective feel about map size is harder to quantify and discuss than the actual size of the map, and isn’t really all that relevant to the thread.


Hard to quantify? Yes
Relevant? Certainly.
You see, if Nelson actually makes a true to life map anywhere near that scale he would need to invest something in the range of a few hundred hours. assuming he does not want to go with 90% wasteland.

Nelson is already planning to have tools to procedurally place objects like furniture in buildings and buildings in towns. (Not to replace the human element but to supplement it, like how in 3.X, mapmakers don’t have to manually place every tree all over the map.)


That’s not part of the post … I never said anything about building placement

I was replying to Machina’s concerns.

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Ooo sorry Just I recieved a notification tell me you 2 were talking on this thread Andy thought you were speaking about a completely separate topic than the i have imposed