Suggestions for my new map


So, I lost the map I was working on (files lost) and I was thinking about creating a new one with a different theme (the old one I was working on wasn’t really very good in my opinion, and I could improve on it in many ways). I’m thinking of making a map set somewhere in Slovakia, with some snowy mountains and some rolling hills in the lower parts. Are there any suggestions for this map, and what would you like to see in the map? Constructive criticism appreciated.


If you like that concept, go for it.


Maybe an abominable snowman creature xd


if i actually knew how to make animals i’d do that


i’m probably going to put a monastery or something on a mountaintop, have a mountain lake somewhere in the map, as well as a cable car thingo going down a mountainside


These days we really saw any kind of locations and landscapes, so to be noticable Imo you should focus on an original gameplay (like Carpat did in a way).


how do you mean? be more specific