Suggestions for Skins & Cosmetics

Looking back to Unturned 3 Cosmetics were replacing (-visualy) your clothes, giving you an advantage.
To hide your Alicepack or full Militairy-outfit.
I suggest in 4.0 to give everyone a default t-shirt & underpants as a cosmetic. So player won’t spawn naked in a server. Cosmetic’s that should be only allowed: t-shirt, underpants, belt, bracelet, glasses, gloves, necklace and shoes.
Nothing else, no mask, backpack, hat, sling, vest, overcoat (shirt) and pants replacing your equiped clothing.

Just normal looking skins. Non neon, elemental, futuristic looking skins. Skins that fit into the art-style of the game. Trying to make it realistic (normal) looking. Like a cloth wrapped around a weapon with few splashes of paint or blood.

What do you guys think?

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IIRC skins and cosmetics won’t be making a return in 4.0. Could be wrong though but I remember the most recent Devlog saying something along those lines.


Ikr, it’s just a suggestion.
But I think skins/cosmetics will make after a time return into Untu 4.
I like customization and plenty ppl too.
I don’t want cosmetics affecting your whole appearance ingame,
just a small/couple part(s) of your character, to make players look more unique.

Cosmetic items will not return in 4.0, it’s almost a fact at this point, since they break immersion.

It’s confirmed that we will not have microtransactions (other than an official server pass) so a market and economy is off the table for 4.0. Dont get your hopes up.

The only possible aesthetic items I could forsee making a comeback are berets.


Though prospects are dim, reasonable skins and cosmetics I vouch for.

Like if you have a watch on, instead of silver, it can be gold, or your wooden baseball bat could have a unturned themed team on it.

I was so happy when that out because I really hated that about 3.0

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Clothing items will already have color and pattern variations. Cosmetics seem redundant. Cosmetic variations of weapons haven’t been mentioned, but I for one would be fine with them.


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